My crush fetish fantasy

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I work as a secretary for a popular law firm. It’s right on the main st between a florist and an empty building. Main st runs right along side a very beautiful, very dangerous river. The Lost River .There are signs posted along side the river. Warning signs of the dangerous current, and rip tides. There’s two bridges that cross the Lost River. On the other side it’s beautiful there’s three mountains but only the biggest one is visible. The woods and vegetation are so think it’s easy to get lost. I’ve heard rumors of strange creatures washing up decomposed, and unrecognizable. Scary noises have been heard, as well as something big that’s been seen running through the woods a path of trees collapsing, knocking over, just destroyed in its wake. But those are just rumors passed around by the homeless, drunks, prostitutes, the people who are up and out at times they shouldn’t be. There’s this one homeless woman. She’s older looks to me to be over 80. They say she’s a witch. She’s almost completely blind. I’ve seen her arguing with herself. She used to have a physic shop next door to the law firm. They say she used to be very popular, she was setting up apts for 8 months out. Sometimes she would take other things as payment in lieu of cash. She was very respected and highly regarded in the community. That was until her customers started disappearing with out a trace. After a few months, the community started to notice that most of the missing people all had one thing in common. They were all people who frequented her shop. The investigation started with the police and eventually the FBI got involved. She lost everything. No one wanted to go to her. The town was scared, they all shunned her. Even though nothing was ever found. The cases remain open to this day. This was 36 six years ago. The town still shuns her. A lot of old timers swear she hasn’t aged. Most people avoid her. I’ve seen people walk across the street, instead of walking past. I’ve also seen people who weren’t paying attention, until she’s holding her cup out to them. Shaking it so you can hear the coins inside. She doesn’t ask out loud, but just stares at them, holding out her cup. Those people usually search for change and money to give her. I personally don’t believe the rumors. I feel bad for her. I usually stop at the coffee shop on my way to work. It’s a half a mile walk to work but I don’t mind. I always grab two coffees and 2 of whatever catches my eye that day. Today there’s were big beautiful blueberry muffins. I order 2, and the 2 coffees. She was sitting at the end of the small ally way, between the law firm and her old shop. She was sitting Indian style with her cup between her legs. As I got closer I noticed she was sleeping up against the firm. I walked up and put the coffee next to her. I held out the blueberry muffin. In a quiet soothing voice, I said, “ hey, how are you doing today?” She opened her eyes, and straightened up. She looked straight into my eyes and I couldn’t look away. You could tell her eyes were once this beautiful impossible blue color. Now they’re mostly white with cataracts only a small amount of blue could still be seen in her right eye. I felt like I could look away, I was frozen to the spot holding the muffin out. I began to feel pressure, intense pressure. Like gravity was becoming unbearable. I fell down to the side walk and rolled onto my back. The pressure increases and I can’t move at all my eyes are shut. Every sensitive part of me felt amazing. I was laying on the side walk with my eyes closed, unable to move, barely breathing. I was cuming uncontrollably. My entire pussy, my asshole, my 38DDD breasts, my neck, my ears, all experiencing such pleasure I never thought possible. It was too much, it just kept going I couldn’t handle it anymore. Then it was over. I was laying on the ground breathing heavy. I felt so good, and so exhausted .like I just spent hours at the gym. When I opened my eyes I rolled onto my side to look at her. It was the first time I’ve seen her smile. “What?! My god what was that?” I asked. Her smile deepened. For the first time she spoke to me. She said “ I prefer tea.” She picked up the muffin I had dropped. “Thank you for your kindness.” That night after I went to bed it happened again. My eyes were closed I was almost asleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’ve had a crush fetish since I can remember. I figured if I can’t sleep, might as well get off. I stripped down to just my little lacy black and red thong. I put my fingers into the little pocket part of my panties. Using three fingers, I started to apply pressure on my clit. I began rubbing it harder and faster in an up and down slightly circular motion. I was imagining being shrunk down to the size of a large beetle. I was in the back dressing room of a strip club. There were seven of the hottest strippers I’ve ever seen. The brunette who was closest to me was applying pink lipstick in the mirror. She was sitting on a simple metal stool with a round top. She was topless with most likely DDs. She was wearing crotch less fishnets with no panties. She was fully shaved with one of the nicest pussys ive ever seen. When I finally got down to her feet she was wearing size ten silver heels they were open toed the tip was like an x, there was a strap around her ankle. The heel was 4 inches high and thicker. There was rhinestones on the x by her toes. Her feet were flawless. Her nails and toes had been professionally done. They were acrylic, clear with white tips. On both her big toes were fuchsia pink stars. I was so turned on. All I could think about was her heels coming at me in slow motion before completely crushing me with her full weight. She was checking her appearance. She smacked her lips, made a kiss for her reflection, turned her head left then right, and ran her fingers through her long beautiful brown hair. Her hair when down to the middle of her back. She had straight hair but it was wavy at

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Written by squishingmistress
Hochgeladen July 5, 2020
Notes I have a crush fetish, I like to fantasize about it a lot. This is the start of a story where I befriend a shunned physic (witch) . She then begins to make my crush fetish fantasy’s come true. This is just part one. I end up being shrunk and in a strip club stuck to the bottom of sexy silver heels. A very sexy brunette stripper with her toes and nails done. She’s friends with her sexy blonde bartender also in sexy heels. If this is well received I will continue the story. And also add others.
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