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I was sitting in a chair, talking to my sister-in-law as she got her tattoo done. I had just finished getting my first one and was very excited to go home and show it off to everyone. As she was getting hers done, we discussed getting more in the future and I told her how I wanted to get a bigger tattoo done with my son's name on it and a couple other things. We went back and forth about it and I knew that it would be a very expensive piece so it would be a while before I would be able to afford it. Once she was done with her tattoo, we paid for the work and headed home. I was like a little kid at Christmas as I showed off the tattoo to my husband and family members.

A few days later, as I was cleaning up around the house, I received a text message from a phone number that I didn't recognize. It was a nice message, asking me how I was doing and if I liked my tattoo. I asked whom it was that was texting me and the response was from the tattoo artist had done my work. He said that he got my phone number off the form that I filled out and wanted to touch base to see how the tattoo had come out. We texted back and forth and I told him that I was very happy with it. He mentioned that he had overheard us talking about another tattoo and I replied, telling him that I wanted to get something done but couldn't afford it at the moment. He quickly responded, telling me that he would be willing to work with me on it and invited me to meet him for a beer at lunch. I was a bit surprised that he was so out front about it because I didn't really know him, but at the same time I really wanted this tattoo so I figured it wouldn't hurt to go out for a beer and see what he had to offer. I responded back to him and told him that I would meet up at lunchtime with him. We decided on a place and a few hours later, I headed out for my lunch date.

He was already there when I arrived and after greeting each other, we grabbed a booth. We ordered a couple of beers as well as something to snack on while we chatted. He told me the tattoo that I had gotten looked great and that I would look even better with the other tattoo that I wanted. We discussed the peace and he agreed, telling me that it was definitely an expensive piece. As we went over the price of the tattoo, he told me that he might be willing to work with me on it. I told him that I was definitely interested and really wanted it and asked him what he could do. Right away, he told me that he wasn't trying to offend me or be a jerk or anything like that and hoped that I wouldn't get mad with his offer. I nodded, telling him that I wouldn't and asked him what his proposal was. After taking a sip of his beer, he looked me in the eye and told me that when I came in to get my tattoo, I immediately caught his eye. He told me that he loved a woman with curves and was very turned on while he was tattooing me. I was a bit taken back by how out front he was as he told me all this but at the same time, I enjoyed the compliments because I didn’t find myself to be very sexy or attractive. He continued, telling me that I was a gorgeous woman and that if I were willing to wear the same outfit that I was wearing when I got the tattoo last week, and also willing to go out for dinner and drinks afterwards, then he would do that tattoo for me for free. Again, I was completely shocked by his boldness and how out front and honest he was, but at the same time I like an honest person. I asked him if he was serious and he told me that he was. I realized that it might not be the best idea, but at the same time I really wanted that tattoo to commemorate my son. There was no way my husband would ever pay for it so this might be my only other option. I looked at him while smiling and told him that I would go to dinner with him afterwards and that I would gladly where the same outfit that I was wearing last Saturday, which was a pair of workout shorts and a tank top. I was surprised at how open I was to quickly agreeing to go out to dinner with this guy, especially since I didn't really know him, but I really wanted this damn tattoo and didn't have several hundred dollars to pay for it. He was happy and the two of us agreed to meet up at his tattoo shop the following Saturday afternoon. After finishing our beers, we said our goodbyes and I was on my way home.

Later on that day, as I made dinner, I thought about his proposal yet again. I knew that I was crazy for accepting it, because I had no idea what this guy wanted. I mean, he was pretty up front with me, telling me that I was gorgeous and asking me to where my little shorts and tank top. I was pretty sure that he was excited and probably wanted more than just dinner, and all of this was obviously wrong, but like I said, my husband wasn't going to give me a dime for the tattoo because he wasn't really crazy about them. I figured that I would just go to dinner, and have a few drinks with this guy and hopefully that would be it.

For the next couple of days, I continuously thought about his proposal as Saturday got closer and closer. I was nervous and excited at the same time, as I wasn't really sure what to expect. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that his compromise maybe wasn't so bad. After all, he was giving me a free tattoo, which would normally cost several hundred dollars. At worst, I might have to give the guy a blowjob, which didn't seem so bad for a tattoo. He wasn't a terrible looking guy and was probably a little older than I was so at least I had that going for me. I couldn't believe that I was thinking about doing that, as I had never done anything with anyone besides my husband. A part of me felt like I was going crazy, but the other part of me just wanted to get this done.

Saturday arrived and after showering, I clean myself up and got ready to go out. Thankfully, my husband was away for the weekend with his cousins on a fishing trip and he had taken our son so I had the house to mysel

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