How Daphne Slept With Female Clients and Had Orgies in a Gym

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27-year-old British expat Daphne was building a professional following from Sydney, Australia as an Exercise and Diet coach. To keep earning a living she also worked as a personal trainer at a privately-owned gym, deciding not to work for one of the corporate gyms until she had more experience under her belt on her own.

She is a beautiful, pale skinned blonde weighing no more than 75kg and a toned body. 5’7” in height and with a sex appeal that made her look like a snack even after sweaty workouts. Not to mention the flirty Essex accent. And an odd freckle or two on the cheeks.

The gym she worked for only had 1 location but was still big enough across multiple stories and had a large lobby area. There were free weights and cardio sections as well as classrooms just like the corporates. Daphne worked there for a bit over a year when the group of female trainers decided to team together and created a backroom that would turn into a female-only area. They used it for massaging and stretching and it even had attached showers and a steam room.

The gym had 3 male trainers, and 6 female and the guys had their own rooms as well for their clients. On the side, Daphne’s Instagram was getting quite a few hundreds of likes on short videos of exercises she did at home from people worldwide. Locally it helped her to build her own list of clients that approached her regularly.

What nobody knew except for Daphne and the other female trainers, was that they were also hooking up with several of their clients in this backroom. A majority of their clients were female, but Daphne and the other trainers would occasionally make exceptions for guys they knew were bulls. Real big dick sons of butches.

It was the off-peak time clients they had in the mornings and the last group late in the evenings who were the ones that got the trainers’ special treatment. Walking into the backroom area and steam room, you would regularly see the trainers get eaten out by their clients in various ways. Straight up girls on girls, no shame. Sometimes a lucky guy was asked to stay till the end and had the pleasure of being with a few of them. But he had to be a real one, a diamond in the rough who had the tool to satisfy many and kept a secret. Hard to spot but when they did occasionally, oh boy.

It was one night at a birthday party the female trainers threw for Daphne that they got drunk enough and shared their flirtatious proposals from some of the clients and how they were turned on by them. They went in depth about their clients, sparing no imagination on the sexy female ones just like guys would do.

Since that night out, they created a group chat and not even two weeks later, the regular hook ups started happening.

The group of trainers Daphne was a part of were a diverse bunch. Everyone ranged 25 to 35 in age. The guys were physically fit and a good 6ft tall and athletic looking. One was gay and Australian with a man beard, the other 2 were straight and of European background. The girls had a mix of 2x Australians, British, Chinese Australian, Vietnamese Australian and Nigerian. They almost looked like the Sucker Punch group of girls if they dressed up.

The steam room had several open plan shower areas attached. That was where all the magic happened, the massage room was just the warm up. That way they kept it discreet, and only the regulars and serious newbies were allowed in there to have some fun. Those who did not, could still be trained like normal clients and enjoyed the massage room for stretching.

The first one to hook up with a client was the Vietnamese Australian trainer. She shared a sneaky pic of a client and her naked without faces in the group chat, but the gym’s showers clearly visible in the background.

Everyone since then took it upon themselves to compete.

While that was a fun part of the job, Daphne was also genuinely serious about the training and had her own proven methods for exercise and diet. They included ways of working out multiple muscle groups and when focusing on any in particular then going to failure. Her favorite exercises usually included free weights and full body exercises because they could be used to let out aggression and were great for stamina, both mental and physical.

An hour with Daphne would sometimes be the equivalent of a Body Pump class. Which made it great for stretching and massaging in the end. When the body was that exhausted you would not mind laying down for a bit.

The first client Daphne tried with was a girl that was training with her for 4 months by then. A couple of years younger than her and worked in an office job but struggled to keep fit. She was a size 14 who wanted to slim down to 12. Her parents were Greek, but she was born and raised in Sydney. Friendly and a bit shy, but Daphne knew she lusted for her. Daphne could see how the girl looked at her over the months, there were very obvious perving moments and blushing conversations. The girl usually talked about a boring office job and how she took crap from people. Daphne personally liked her, and it was easy to sympathize with the charm of the girl.

After their workout one Thursday evening, Daphne mustered up the courage. When everyone else left the back area, Daphne motioned for the girl to lay down in front of her on the mat. She grabbed one of the girl’s legs and pressed up the knee to her chest and followed through with a motion that mounted the girl missionary style. She also stretched the girl deeply, making sure her hair fell and touched the girl’s face.

The girl was visibly uncomfortable being stretched but otherwise enjoyed Daphne on top of her and did not push back. After a couple of stretches, Daphne helped the girl upright and suggested they went to the steam room. The girl shyly agreed as Daphne led them through the door and passed the shower area where they undressed. Daphne giggled as she saw the girl staring at her, taking off her

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Notes 27-year-old British personal trainer Daphne and a few of her colleagues figured out how to discreetly hook up with their female clients after workouts and stretches. But while her job and the secret lesbian sex were great, things took a wild turn when she invited 4 hunky guys from a fitness conference back to the gym.
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