Taylor Got Caught Paying for Her Lesbian Desires

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19-year-old Arts student Taylor from New Jersey was living her life to the fullest in New York away from her parents, sharing an apartment in the heart of Manhattan and becoming good friends with two other girls who attended the same college. This is the story of how she got caught by one of the friends paying to satisfy her inner lesbian cravings online – a side no one knew Taylor had.

She was an only child with parents who were both successful doctors. They offered to pay for Taylor’s rent and gave an extra allowance for fun and expenses if she passed all her courses with strong grades. The other two girls had a similar arrangement with their parents who were from the Hamptons and Connecticut.

Taylor grew up maturing early and got used to an independent mindset after years of both parents working full-time. For a while she had childcare and nannies, but at some point, they trusted her enough to be home alone. Taylor cherished a fun circle of friends she grew up with who were far more open-minded about life than her parents were and contributed to her taste in music, parties and eventually also sexuality. Although that last one she kept close to the chest.

She carried herself much like Demi Lovato and was proud of the slight resemblance. Unlike her two housemates who many liked to jokingly refer to as the Wilson sisters – a nod to the rich sisters from the movie White Chicks because of the similar blonde hair and accents.

Taylor used her main social accounts for family and all the new friends she made. But she also had a second back up account that she kept private. For her eyes only – where she explored her lesbian side comfortably without the need to share.

Early on she experienced physical attractions for many girls that she saw in movies and online, especially tastefully nude and real amateur girls, but in real life only made friends with those she liked and never quite felt any lingering intimacy that could have suggested love. Taylor was only open to discussing that side of her with girls who wanted to understand and maybe felt the same way, which was mostly online. All her friends dated guys and so did Taylor, but she was much more reserved with them.

Her private account started off as a way to just follow girls and models she fancied. But over time, Taylor’s curiosities got the better of her. She started talking to some of the lesbian models in the DM and once she was old enough subscribed to her favorite models’ R rated premium channels. With the generous allowance from her parents, Taylor found out she could request photos and videos from the models doing all sorts of fun lesbian things her imagination could come up with.

It was Taylor’s way of releasing inner thoughts and narratives she only had with herself. While she was close with her parents and a few childhood friends, her sexual feelings were the only part she felt like she could not discuss with them openly and honestly. Taylor made up for it by stimulating herself – mind, soul, and body.

By the time she moved to New York to study, Taylor only had real life experiences with guys but built a strong private account worthy of following. Over the years, whenever Taylor got herself off to a lesbian video somewhere online, she also found out who the models were and if they had any social accounts. A lot of the models also advertised their own private channels and that is how it snowballed for the curious and highly sexual Taylor.

She put up only a couple of pictures on the private account without her face and with a bit of richness flaunted in the background. In a way that most people could not recognize but showed enough to increase the chances of getting replies in the DM.

As the confidence grew Taylor went from merely watching the models from afar to picking a few at a time to trial their premium content. It was hit and miss sometimes, and Taylor learned to narrow down the models to find those who seemed to truly be into lesbian sex without putting on an act.

In her mind, Taylor knew exactly how to find what she liked to see. But in the DMs, she was shy and never quite sure of what to expect. Like small talk that could lead to sex or absolutely nothing. But that changed when one day a Brazilian model replied, thanked Taylor for showing love and support and suggested to record any special requests through one of the private channels.

Taylor felt intrigued and compelled to try. She decided on an amount to offer the model and found out where she had to donate. Testing the waters, Taylor initially just wrote in the Special Request for the model to film hooking up with a friend. It was quite basic compared to what Taylor later found out she could also request with certain models.

Within a week of making the first request Taylor got what she asked for. The model attached a 28-minute video along with a couple of Kiss and Fire emojis.

For roughly the first half of the video, the model started off by thanking Taylor’s account name and quickly undressed. Another girl walked in from behind the camera wearing sunglasses and joined. They were on a balcony next to a barbecue grill and the model sat back on a white plastic chair; the phone must have been on a nearby table.

As the model spread her legs, the unknown girl positioned in between and began licking. Taylor’s passion stirred up instantly as she was glued to the video.

The model caressed the girl’s head, talked in Brazilian and moaned softly. When Taylor watched it with headphones in, she heard a distinct munching and gasping for air sound from the girl albeit soft and in the background of the recording.

Halfway through, the girl was instructed something in Brazilian and the model stood up to grab the phone. Taylor saw the girl’s face momentarily with the sunglasses and noticed pretty features, wet lips and an expression that wanted more.

For the second half of the video, the model filmed the girl eating her

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Notes 19-year-old Arts student Taylor lived in New York with two friends and an active social life supported by her rich parents. She also kept a secret lesbian online account no one knew about where she paid beautiful models for videos and sexting, until one night she got caught by her friend.
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