Drunk And Left Alone With A Friend

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It was another Saturday afternoon as I finished up running a few errands before heading home. My husband was going to have his friend Mike over for the night so that the two of them could hang out in his man cave and enjoy several drinks. I was out running a few errands as well as picking up some potato chips for the guys to enjoy later on. I eventually finished up and headed home. Once I got home, my husband was out back firing up the grill. He was going to make a few burgers and hot dogs so we could all eat. He told me that Mike was on his way and would be arriving shortly. They hadn't hung out together in a while and my husband was pretty excited to be getting together. They had grown up together and gone to school with each other. After they graduated high school they went their separate ways and lost touch. I wasn't Mike's biggest fan because he was a bit cocky back in the day and I really didn't care for people like that. I also knew that he had wanted to get with me about 12 years ago in hopes of landing a quick fuck. At the time I was looking for more than that and ended up dating my husband instead. It's not that Mike was a bad guy, he was just a bit egotistical and I just didn't care for it. Either way, I wasn't about to ruin my husbands evening because I knew he was really looking forward to it. He even managed to convince me to join them when I was done doing whatever I was going to do. I told him that I would see how I felt but didn't promise anything. I ended up going into the house to take a quick shower while he continued cooking.

After I showered, I wrapped myself in a towel and went into the bedroom to get some clothes. It was a warm day and I decided to just throw on some black yoga shorts along with a tank top. I knew the guys would probably enjoy staring at me in my outfit and I figured I would give them a little treat. I finished getting dressed and then headed out to the yard to see what my husband was doing. When I got out there, I noticed Mike sitting at the table. He turned when he heard the door closing and I instantly noticed him give me a once over before getting up to greet me. He came over and hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek as we said our hellos. After we greeted one another, I sat at the table and enjoyed a hamburger while the guys ate theirs. We ended up spending the next hour or so sitting in the yard, enjoying the burgers as well as a couple of cold beers. They guys pretty much spent the time catching up and reminiscing as I sat and listened. Eventually they finished up and decided to head into the basement to watch their games and enjoy their booze. I headed up into the kitchen to straighten up a bit. I puttered around the kitchen and living room for a while before finishing everything up. Once I was done, I decided that I would take my husband up on his offer and go downstairs and hang out for a while. I finished up with what I was doing and then headed down to the basement.

As I walked into the basement, the guys began cheering, as they were happy to see me joining them. I smiled and went over to the table where they were sitting and Mike quickly offered to fix me a Jack and Coke. I accepted it and thanked him as he got up and walked over to the bar to make my drink. He soon returned to the table with my Jack and Coke and the three of us sat and watched the ballgame for a few minutes before I suggested playing some air hockey. Mike was all for it and the two of us were soon playing a game at the air hockey table. We played for several minutes and he eventually let me win. We actually had a pretty good time while playing and I was surprised because Mike seemed a little different. I thought to myself that maybe he has changed since the last time I saw him. It had been a good 10 or 11 years since I had hung out with him and I guess a lot could have changed since then. Once we finished our game we headed back to the table and my husband decided to pull out a couple of shot glasses. I wasn't the best-shot taker because it usually went right through me but decided to go with it. My husband poured a shot of Jack Daniels for everyone and after a toast the three of us took it. Like I said, I felt that go right through me and straight to my head. I wasn't complaining though, because it actually helped me relax a bit more.

The three of us ended up spending the next two hours playing air hockey, cards, watching the ballgame and continuing our drinking. In between a couple of the games, we took a few more shots and I was in pretty good shape to say the least. I was so buzzed that after a couple more drinks, Mike suggested we place bets on our games that we were playing and I quickly agreed. Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have done it, but being in the shape that I was in, I was down for some fun. We began planning another round of air hockey and the bets were pretty simple at first. If I won, I would get a 5 min. shoulder massage, and Mike won, then I would have to take another shot. We went back and forth for a few games with him winning a few and me winning a few as well. I ended up getting a few shoulder massages and had to take a few shots as well leaving me extremely relaxed and comfortable. We continued playing for a while and little by little we upped the ante to where Mike actually bet a few bucks on the games. I couldn't believe how much fun I was having as we continued playing and drinking.

After several games and a few more shots for me, like got a bit bolder. He decided to bet $25 on the game if I won and if he won, then he wanted a quick peck on the lips. I thought about it and was okay with it and when I looked to my husband for his approval, he told me that he could care less because he was more focused on the ballgame that was on the tv. We made the bet and began playing and Mike let me win the first game. He gave me the 25 bucks and we then played again and this time he won. I went over and gave him the pec

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Notes Have a few drinks with my hubby and his buddy and then my hubby has to step out, leaving us alone...
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