Handsy (Chapter 16 An Alpha's Heart snippet)

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“I want you to pull up your dress and open your legs.” Pearson whispered in Monique’s ear. It wasn’t about pushing boundaries or even testing limits anymore. It was about being in the moment and taking the opportunity to actually be with someone that cared about more than herself. It was about giving pleasure when before… all he did was take it.
“Pearson, we can’t do this here.” Monique whispered her wide eyes betraying the lust she was so obviously feeling.
“We can and we will. Now. Open those sexy legs for me.” Pearson’s free hand roamed up her thigh pushing the fabric upward.
Monique did as he asked, and he maneuvered just enough to be able to touch heaven. He slid his thick finger through her slick warmth, and caressed the hardened bud that peeked out from her wet folds.
Pearson rubbed in time with the seductive beat of the music. He didn’t speed up although when Monique’s hips began to sway from side to side, he wanted to… but he didn’t.
He knew that she was getting close to orgasm when she held her breath. The same thing happened in the restroom when she came, and although he wanted nothing more than to see the pure unadulterated pleasure written all over her gorgeous face, he would refrain.
Pearson stopped his movements cold. When Monique quickly turned her head toward him and narrowed her eyes, Pearson simply winked and put his finger in his mouth. Monique’s eyes widened at the action and Pearson couldn’t help the chuckle that slipped out.
This is going to be so much fun.
Pearson knew that Monique was more than a little tightly wound, but he thought it was just at work. It turned out that she was just as uptight outside of work as well. He knew by the time they left Vegas, Monique would be a different woman.
“What kind of game are you playing?” Monique whispered her eyes squinted in anger.
“I promise you that this isn’t a game. I just want you to enjoy the rest of the show without any distractions.” Pearson leaned over and took her lips once again in a kiss. He could admit that her kisses were more addictive than he ever thought they could be.
“How am I supposed to watch the show, it’s a little uncomfortable sitting in a puddle?” Monique sassed, and Pearson groaned.

Written by Kasey Martin
Hochgeladen June 22, 2020
Notes What happens when you're in public but you can't resist the person you're with? Sometimes, you have to get a little "hands on" to make things happen.

An Alpha's Heart by Kasey Martin
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