Here Comes The Boogeyman

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I first saw it while I was doing the dishes. I was scraping an untouched plate of stir-fry into the garbage. Theo had called with an apology and an excuse. Last-minute emergency. No one else available to cover. Coming home late. See you in the morning. The usual.

After dropping the clean plates into the sink I found myself just staring out the kitchen window. It looked out into the backyard, a 900-square-foot rectangle of crabgrass and twigs presided over by a poorly-pruned oak tree.

My eyes were caught by the sad face staring back at me, my translucent reflection in the glass. I was wearing mascara and lipstick, hoping to surprise Theo with a sexy night after dinner. I closed my eyes with a sigh. We had gotten married only three years ago, just out of college, but Theo already felt more like a roommate than a husband.

When I opened my eyes I saw it in the reflection, a dim shape silhouetted against the light from the hallway. I spun, assuming there was an intruder, grabbing a knife from the sink to defend myself.

The hallway was empty.

Just to be safe I searched the entire house, checking every door and window to make sure they were all locked. There was no sign of anyone and I quickly convinced myself that it was just a trick of the light. I finished cleaning up, putting the dishes away before sitting down to drown the rest of the evening in Netflix and a bottle of wine.


But that was when the night terrors began.

I woke up with my body completely paralyzed. I’d experienced sleep paralysis once or twice before so I didn’t panic. It was never pleasant but it usually only lasted for a few minutes. I lay in bed, trying to stay relaxed and waiting for my muscles to obey me once again.

But tonight the paralysis wouldn’t lift. I could only sweep my eyes around the darkened room, trying my best to keep myself calm. I slept in the nude and my sheets had slid off at some point during the night, baring my breasts and stomach. It was a chilly night and I could feel goosebumps rising on my arms and the tightness of my nipples.

That’s when I saw the shape by the window. It was a cloudy night and the only light was the reflection of street lights outside. Outlined against the faint light was a person, standing just a few feet from the bed.

Naturally, I assumed it was Theo. He must have just come home and was getting ready to get into bed.

...except...he wasn’t moving.

He was just standing there. Head slightly tilted.

I wanted to call out, to ask him what he was doing. But I couldn’t move. Every muscle in my body was limp like all my nerves were disconnected.

He still wasn’t moving. I could faintly hear the sound of raspy breathing.

If I weren’t completely paralyzed I would have screamed when I heard the sound of the toilet flush in the hallway bathroom. My heart began jackhammering in my chest as the implications of what I was hearing began to sink in. The figure continued to stand wordlessly at the window. I shrieked internally at my body to obey but I still couldn’t move a single finger.

When the bathroom opened, soft light filtered through the half-open bedroom door. It was faint but it picked out a few details on the figure at the window, shining wetly on dark, eel-like skin and glinting off of two large, white eyes.

A second later, the light shut off, taking my night-vision with it. As I was plunged into what seemed like pitch darkness my paralysis finally lifted and I thrashed wildly in the blankets, screaming Theo’s name and reaching desperately for the bedside lamp.


Theo came through the door just as I found the lamp’s switch and the room filled with light. He was in a bathrobe and had a panicked, confused look on his face. I could barely say anything, simply pointing at the window and letting out an incoherent, panting yell.

There was no one else in the room.

“There...was…” I gasped, blinking tears from my eyes. “I saw…”

“It’s okay.” Theo sat on the bed and put an arm around my shoulders. “Did you have a bad dream?”

I shook my head, “I thought there was someone there...someone at the window.”

Theo tried to comfort me, reassuring me that no one else was in the house and telling me that everything was fine. After a while I allowed him to turn off the light and lay back down. We spooned and he stroked my arm, kissing my shoulders and mumbling something soothing into my hair.

I could feel his chest pressed against my back, warm and alive. My breathing had steadied but my heart was still pounding. It was then that I noticed a different reaction...a soft, tingling warmth was spreading over my face and chest. I rubbed my legs together and I could feel a hint of moisture on the lips of my pussy. Theo’s warm hand was resting on my ribs and I could feel the soft tickle of his pubic hair against my butt.

I wanted him.

I pressed against him more firmly, feeling his dick twitch as I ground gently against his waist. Reaching down, I moved his hand to my left breast. My breasts were modest and Theo’s hand fit perfectly over it. He gave it a gentle squeeze and I felt my body respond eagerly after so many weeks without intimacy, my pussy tingling with need. I ground against his crotch more insistently, trying to get a rise from his dick.

Theo nuzzled my neck through my hair and planted a couple of kisses in the general vicinity of my ear. He gave my breast another perfunctory squeeze and rolled over, his back to me, muttering something about seeing me in the morning.

Within moments Theo was snoring and I was alone beside him.

Sighing, I reached between my legs, running my fingers through the trimmed hair around my pussy. I shivered as I found my clit and gently pressed it with my fingers. Closing my eyes, I tried to think back to the last time Theo and I were together, his hands on my body and his h

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Written by rpickman
Hochgeladen September 5, 2020
Notes A first-person tale of a lonely, neglected wife who encounters a mysterious being which visits her in the night.

Contains fear-play, monster sex and sleep paralysis
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