A Hard Day's Night

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A Hard Day’s Night
Chapter 1

"Bouenos dias world," Paola said as she yawned. She slept well, almost no disturbances. feeling refreshed and ready for another day of lectures on her favorite subject, sociology, she reached her hand to remove her blanket but couldn't find it, feeling only her smooth, naked body. She looked down and spotted the blanket, it was jammed between her huge cock and gigantic nutsack, and it was wet...

Paola lifted her upper body off the bed and sat upright, supporting her back with her left hand while the right hand started pulling the poor, abused blanket out from between the folds of her skin. This was probably the reason why she slept so well, some of her precum must have escaped while she was sleeping and her erections came and went many times, leaving the cloth lodged where she found it.

Once the blanket was out, Paola tossed it across the room. This was not the first time something like this happened, she was a prolific girl and her monstrous cock and balls had no difficulties making a mess, you could say she got off easy this time. The blanket made a splashing sound as it smashed into a laundry basket she prepared especially for items soaked with her precum. Paola looked at her dick, it was rock hard and pulsed with excitement. Paola's shaft might not be the biggest, but she loved it still, it was about a foot long and as wide as a soda bottle. Her balls were another story altogether, while some may call Paola's penis big, it was dwarfed by her balls. Each one was bigger than her, and right now they were exploding with cum.

Paola's nether regions requested satisfaction, she felt very pleased with the prize she won at the genetic lottery. While her cock and scrotum were way bigger than she really needed, her control over them was extraordinary. "Jefe, I'm sorry, we don't have time right now," she talked to her dick and nuts, they flexed and spasmed, making sloshing sounds with the cum in them. She wanted to let loose and come until she feels empty but she knew she had limited time and achieving satisfaction with what she had between her legs took more than half a day. "Please, if you'll relax I'll contact Stephanie." She said in a teasing voice, her monster flexed one more time and started shrinking to a more manageable size while her balls became quiet.

Paola stood before the mirror on her closet, her sack still resting on the bed. Looking back at her was a 21 years old bombshell, with a slim build, flat chest and shoulder-length black hair with blonde highlights at the bottom, she loved the color of her hair.

Paola started her day doing squats, 50 in the morning and 50 when she got back home. She was no sports addict, she had to work out in order to manage moving with the huge anchor that was her scrotum. Next, she needed a shower to clean her body, and that meant going to the bathroom. She loved to bath even though it was a lengthy process. Thanks to careful planning (and a great deal of self-control) she had the time. She started to walk slowly, pulling her balls to start moving was the hard part. When she was younger she tried having a board with wheels placed under them to avoid the friction between her giant sack and the floor. It was a great help until she tried to stop. It was then that she recalled Newton's first law of motion, turns out it's not really possible for a 140-pound girl to stop a 320-pound scrotum following her at 3 mph dead in its tracks.

Once her balls fell from the bed to the floor with a loud thump, the bed screeched with relief, her sack jiggled and rippled from the shock. Sadly, the person who planned the blueprints for Paola's house didn't have a hyper in mind. The doorframes were rather wide but not wide enough for this Futanari, she had to squeeze her scrotum through the tight space and into the massive bathroom, a process that made her moan with a mixture of pleasure and frustration quite a few times.

The shower had no chance of containing both Paola and her massive balls at the same time, the only way to bath in this house was in two parts, first her nutsack and then herself. First, she had to place a raiser above her drain, the first time she washed her nuts here, they covered and blocked the drain, Paola only noticed when the house was flooded with water. After placing the raiser, she parked her balls inside, took the showerhead and opened the tap. Water cascaded down and around them, she reached for the soap and poured about a quarter of the bottle on them, she had a lot of surfaces to keep clean. She felt her starched skin as she rubbed the soap in and could tell they were full to the brim and it was no wonder, it has been over a year since the last time she came (unless you count that little mishap 3 months ago). She was so grateful for her self-control, some futanari didn't have that, accidents were not uncommon. Once her balls were covered in soap she rinsed them clean and took their place in the cubicle, cleaning herself.

She washed and foamed her whole body, rinsing it before dealing with the hardest part of her shower, cleaning her genitals. Being this small when in rest and so enormous when erect meant it had a lot of skin folds, and Paola needed to clean them all. Knowing her body well, she knew she had two options: She could clean each fold individually, this was the safe, time-consuming option. The other option was to get it erect, which will starch the folds and make her work much easier but this was also what led to that accident 3 months ago. She was cleaning her cock when she came, took her 3 hours to stop and many more hours to clean everything up.

She sneaked a look at the clock, she had time but using the safe route was a bit problematic and she didn't want to be late today, she decided to take the other option. She reached for her pole, even though it was dormant it was still bigger than any man's erect dick. Both her hands wrapped around it and Paola started her special ri

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