The Runesmith Chronicles: Oni and the Farmer Ch. 1

Chapter 1: The Runesmith Chronicles: Oni and the Farmer Ch. 1
  • Chapter 1: The Runesmith Chronicles: Oni and the Farmer Ch. 1
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This series is very loosely based off of Monster Girl Encyclopedia. However, outside of:

1. The existence of monster girls

2. Monster girls always want sex

3. Monster girls attempt to force a man into becoming a 'husband'

it doesn't have a whole lot in common with MGE.

Since we are dealing with non-human species I'm just going to say that unless stated otherwise all participants have reached their version of sexual maturity regardless of age or looks. Eg. Slimes become fully mature seconds after splitting off from a parent.

On a side note, butt stuff and backdoor action is all squeaky clean in this fantasy world and scenes are written on that premise.

As of writing this, the TRC series spans 56 chapters over two books with a word count over 530k and I will start releasing chapters for Book Three in the coming weeks.

If you find my stories entertaining and would like to help me produce them for you, please consider checking out my Patreon!

Every little bit helps :)

Proofreading and Editing by Oldfart and 2muchdiggity


Chapter 1

The young farmer hesitated as he stepped up to the large hole in the rocky side of the mountain. The last time he was here his experience had been amazing. Now that he was once again standing at the cave’s entrance, he was beginning to regret his decision to come back. The boy had come to the delightful conclusion that the cavern’s tenant was likely out and about in the forest. With the cave unoccupied it would be best for him to return home with much haste.

Heavy footsteps from inside the cave froze the man in place. The creator of the dull thumping sound halted before stepping out into the morning light. Glowing red eyes peered out from the shadowy entrance. The color was an indication their owner could see in complete darkness. The eyes widened in surprise then narrowed in annoyance as they inspected the farmer.

“Do you have a death wish human?” said a gruff but noticeably feminine voice.

“N-n-no,” stuttered the young man, fear rooting him in place despite his mind telling him to run in terror.

“Then why have you returned? You’ll be receiving no more gifts from me. My charity only goes so far,” she said.

The man’s eyes widened. “No ma’am that isn’t why I’m here! Though I did want to thank you for your gift. It allowed me to get my mother the medicine she needed and still left enough for us to live comfortably for many years.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you have darkened my doorway once again.”

Fidgeting in place, he looked down and mumbled, “I came to see you.”

“Speak up, boy! I can’t understand your words if you are talking to the ground!” she growled.

The young man’s head snapped up, looking her in the eyes. “I came to see you again!” he blurted out, his face flushing with embarrassment. “You saved my mother’s life and likely saved me from a life of slavery. Those who can’t pay the lords taxes must work as slaves until their debt is paid off and her cure would have left us penniless. After everything you did for me and my mother, I felt I should come back and see if there was more I could do for you as thanks.”

The large figure stepped into the sunlight and leaned over until her lips brushed his ear. “Liar,” she whispered.

He started turning his head to object but the ogress grazed his ear with her razor-sharp fangs, freezing him in place again. When she was certain he wouldn’t run away, she traded her teeth for her tongue and ran it along his ear as his breath quickened. “You came back in hopes that you could put your cock inside me again.”

The farmer blushed, “I won’t lie, ma’am, that day was amazing. It has been hard to stop thinking about you.”

She stood up and smiled at him, “Flatterer. Come inside and we can ‘discuss’ just how you can thank me.”

He finally got a good look at her before she disappeared into the darkness of the cave . The change in her appearance since his first visit was startling. She had polished the dull, dried horns back to their original golden hue. Ratted gray hair with sticks and leaves poking out was now bright white and looked well kept. Her clothes were still the animal hides and leather straps that left little to the imagination but the farmer did think the buckles on her leathers seemed a bit shinier.

Most surprising was her skin. The light green color from his first visit had been replaced by a light blue.

“You’ve changed…” he said, following her inside and stopping as the cave became too dark for his human eyesight.

He saw her glowing eyes in the darkness. “Pay it no mind,” she said, “our skin changes depending on our personality: Green is crude and violent, Red is a drunkard and Blue means intelligent. I’m usually a darker blue than this but lack of food in the area as well as getting harassed by do-gooders and thieves has turned my skin green."

Taking his hand, she led him further into the darkness until he could no longer make out even the faintest light from outside. He stepped onto something that felt like animal hide when she stopped him and let go. He was completely at her mercy now, running away was impossible since he had no clues as to what direction to go. The thought both terrified and excited him.

Quiet shuffling from her feet on the hides echoed in the cavern making it hard to discern where she was. His first indication of her whereabouts was her breath on his neck.

“Don’t move,” she whispered gripping his shirt and pulling it over his head before undoing his belt from behind. His pants, however, got hung on his already rigid prick.

While his brain was having trouble figuring out if he should be aroused or terrified, his cock was having no such issues. He went to brush the pants off when she grabbed his arm with one hand and brought the other up to his neck, sharp claws digging into his flesh. “I said. Don’t. Move,” she growled. Placing his hand back at his side

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Notes A young farmer with an ailing mother gets help from a large, blue-skinned, demon-like woman called an oni in return for a little bit of sexy time.

But that's only the beginning...
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