Blissful Surrender (Excerpt)

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He thinks that he should give her some time to gather herself when she growls her sultry “What are you wearing?” at him. He cannot believe that he is once again shocked by something that she has done. He should be used to her by now. But she is as unpredictable as a whirlwind, pulling him in like a lost, floating leaf.

“You know, that kid is still here,” he says awkwardly. He cannot believe he’s resorted to stalling tactics, but she has caught him totally off guard. His mind is still blank when she speaks again.

“Well, I know he’s not in the room with you or you wouldn’t have said that. But even if he was, it’s okay, because all I am going to ask you now are yes or no questions. Are you ready for that?”

Through his closed bedroom door, he hears the muffled sounds of the TV in the living room blaring out the hockey game from the west coast. His bedroom is large. A double end striking bag and a heavy bag are positioned a comfortable distance from each other off to his right. His massive oak dresser and large picture mirror dominate the wall in front of him, next to the door. Matching ornate oak nightstands are placed to the left and right of the king-sized bed he is sitting on, which is also adorned with a large carved oak headboard that looms behind him. There is no way that kid is going to hear anything that comes from this bedroom.

“Yes,” he replies not quite understanding why he has said it but seemingly helpless to say anything else.

“Did you like watching me and Monica in the kitchen?” The question is posed to him with a playfulness and her face flashes clearly in his mind. She has an amused glint in her eyes and knows the answer but is playing with him and daring him to be honest. Testing him with the payoff being a continuation of their little game if he was brave enough to be honest. He feels as if he’s possessed by something that wanted this dance to go on, no matter what the cost.

“Yes.” Now he feels more like himself as his breathing deepens. He feels like he is back in the kitchen as the surreal scene unfolds in front of him. His cock is again rock hard, straining uncomfortably against the coarse material of his jeans, felt through his thin underwear as his eight-inch cock extends and pushes downward against his leg.

Two of the women he most enjoys being around, who also happen to be his favorite fantasy subjects when he is stroking his cock are kissing and fondling each other right in front of him. More accurately ... Marie is fondling Monica and displaying her just for him. Fuck … that’s even hotter…

“Did you like when I turned her so you could see what I was doing to her?”

“Yes.” He is now locked into this game and is desperate for her to continue.

“I pushed her top off so you could see that breast. It felt so fucking good when I squeezed it. And when I slipped my fingers into her pussy she shoved her ass backwards into my pussy. Did you see that?”

There is about a one second pause before Justin says the word “Yes.” Justin knows the word will allow her to continue with the story he has become addicted to. Her words flow into him and through him, taking him away on a high he did not see coming — and he wants more of it.

“She liked you watching us, you know. I could feel her juices pour out of her pussy onto my hand while you were staring at us.

“She said she liked being my bitch. Can you imagine that! Monica giving herself to me, being so vulnerable to me, I felt like I could fuck her all night.

“But when I saw your hard cock, I had to have it. I couldn’t believe it when I got my hand on that thing! I had to squeeze it hard to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Did you like that?”

Justin feels, once again, the mixture of pain and the odd pleasure flowing through him. It feels somehow unmanly that the woman be so much in charge, but at the same time he’s never been so turned on in his life. It’s like he’s trying to stand in one of those crazy funhouses where the floor keeps moving in random directions — he feels completely adrift. It’s weird, but it’s a rush.

“Yes,” he admits, more to himself than to Marie as questions swirl in his head behind his almost rabid anticipation of what she will say next. Her voice is low, hoarse and almost conversational. Nevertheless, Justin feels like she still has him pinned to the wall and his mind cannot let go of the effect it has on him. He squeezes his large engorged cock hard against his thigh as he answers. He is captivated by the floating sense of raw bliss that comes with surrendering his mind and will to her in that moment as she squeezed his cock and pinched his nipple to the point of pain. He waits now in that unfamiliar but delicious state of willing submission, eager to experience whatever she has in store for him.

“You know what I liked? I liked when you threw me against the wall and shoved your cock into the crack of my ass. You were like a wild animal and you made me feel like one too. I really felt like I could literally do anything and it would be alright.

“I love how you almost lose your mind whenever you shove your cock into my ass. The first time I felt it was when I sat on your lap in my apartment, but tonight was wild. Is that what makes you lose control? The thought of fucking me up the ass? Do you think about that a lot, Justin? Fucking me up the ass?”


Several long seconds pass with neither of them saying anything. Marie can feel his discomfort and almost speaks to release him from the tension but she wants to break through his walls. Then she realizes just how much she is enjoying his discomfort as she looks down at her swollen nipples. She can actually feel how rigid they are without touching them.

Slowly and purposefully, she grabs the beer off the table, brings it to her lips and swallows half of it. This sends her head swimming and was exactly what she was looking for. Her breathing becomes heavy as she listens to Justin struggling to find his voice an

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Written by Deep Desires Press
Hochgeladen June 11, 2020
Notes An MMA fighter brazenly pursues her reluctant instructor, not realizing he possesses a dark, destructive power.

This hot and sexy excerpt is from "Blissful Surrender: Running From The Shadow" by MC Fields.
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