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We love the fun and freedom that comes with an escort. Some of our favorite vacations have been involving other people in our relationship… people we always pay to join us—that’s the rule.

This was no exception. Katherine and I were looking to have a little weekend fun on a recent trip. I had my sights set on a leggy, large-breasted blond, maybe a younger college-aged girl with tattoos on her back who would be down to do anything.
My wife wanted a big, black cock.

Guess who won?

After settling on a suitable guy who had my wife horny as a dog from just his profile picture, we got ready. Katherine put on a slinky black dress and high heels and spent an hour in our hotel room bathroom doing her long dark hair and makeup until it was just right. When she stepped from the bathroom she looked absolutely gorgeous. I had a hard time keeping my hands off her while we poured ourselves a drink and waited for Tyler to arrive.

When the knock on the door came I met Tyler and paid him as we agreed. The three of us shared a couple of drinks out on the balcony. It as just the regular getting-to-know-you stuff, during which I noticed Tyler couldn’t keep his eyes off of Katherine’s breasts.

Truthfully, I couldn’t either. They were spilling out of the top of her dress, taunting both of us. I couldn’t wait to see Tyler’s large, dark hands on my wife’s firm, white body… touching her, fondling, her… doing all sorts of naughty things to her.

I didn’t have long to wait.

After our second round of drinks we moved into the bedroom. Tyler was over six feet tall and towered over Katherine. Even in her high heels she had to reach up to kiss him. I watched quietly as she stretched up and his lips met hers. His arms moved to the small of her back, while hers wrapped around his torso. Their kiss deepened. It was quiet, and sensual… the kind of kiss that I knew drove men wild. Katherine never held anything back when she met a new lover… this was no exception.

Tyler’s long, lean body was a work of art. From his bald head all the way down his broad torso to his smooth, muscular legs, I don’t think he had an inch of him not made out of pure, hard muscle. Katherine feasted on him, taking her time as she undressed him. She kissed and licked every inch of his god-like black body. When he was fully naked she got down on her knees and wrapped her hand around his cock. He was enormous… at least nine inches, from what I could tell. There was no way she was getting that in her mouth.
She tried.

Katherine licked his massive cock slowly, working her tongue up the sides of his shaft, then back down. She took his balls in her mouth, drawing a deep groan from his mouth. She moved her head up and swirled her tongue around his tip, then pushed her head onto him. She got about a quarter of him between her lips. That was it.

Despite not being able to take more of him in her mouth, whatever Katherine was doing was working. I could see the lust in Tyler’s eyes. He wanted my wife.

Tyler pulled Katherine up and easily tossed her back on the bed. He pushed her dress up and got down on his knees. He spread her legs and began kissing Katherine’s inner thighs, tracing lines back and forth over her skin with his long tongue. Her head fell back with a deep moan as he moved his head higher between her legs and began pleasuring her.

In between gasps Katherine looked up and caught my eye. She winked and mouthed a little, “thank you.” I smiled. Her head rolled back.

Tyler pulled Katherine’s panties down. She worked her dress over her head as he slipped on a condom. He grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed then pressed his cock between her thighs. I knew there was no way she could get all of him in her. I watched his long black shaft partially disappear inside her, then reappear, slick with her juices. Each time he went deeper. Each time she cried out.

“Fuck yes, baby! Give me that black cock! Fuck me so deep—that feels so fucking good!”

Tyler took his time, fucking Katherine slowly. He was a professional, and knew how to keep a woman satisfied. There was nothing but pure bliss on Katherine’s face as she rode him to her first climax.

They swapped positions. I watched his lock cock slip from her, completely covered in her female juices. Katherine pushed him back against the headboard and climbed on top of her toy for the evening. She spread her thighs and grabbed Tyler’s cock, guiding it back inside her. She still couldn’t take all of him in her. She rode him hard, grinding her hips up and down as another climax ravished her body. She threw her head back, her entire body shaking as she came all over his cock, her slick white juices dripping down over his massive shaft.

They shifted again. Katherine got down on all fours and thrust her hips back. This was one of her favorite positions. She said she loved to stare at me as another man entered her from behind. Sometimes she even has me move in front of her and put my cock in her mouth so she can experience two men at the same time.

Today, she was content to let me watch as Tyler entered her from behind. He grabbed her hips and thrust his cock as deep in her as she could take. Katherine stared straight at me. Her lips were parted, her hair wild around her face, her body slick with sweat. She cried out.

“Oh, fuck baby—he’s making me come again!”

Tyler fucked her to another earth-shattering climax, but she still wasn’t done.
“Keep fucking me baby—spank my ass hard!”

Kathrine grunted and spread her legs wider. She clenched the bedsheets in her hands and held on for dear life as Tyler rammed her from behind.

“Yes yes—fucking yes!” she screamed. “Make me come—make me fucking come!”
Katherine lurched forward. Tyler pushed himself down on top of her and kept thrusting into her with her face buried in the sheets. Her muffled cries met our ears as she came one final time.

“So… fucking—good! Yes, I’m fucking coming!”


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Written by Sidney Sitravon
Hochgeladen August 30, 2020
Notes We wanted to hire an escort. I had my sights set on a sexy blonde, tall, leggy, large breasted woman who would be down to do anything. My wife wanted a big, black cock... guess who won?

An erotic short featuring white dirty milf pounded by black suitor.
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