Love Yourself

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All characters portrayed in the story are 18 years old or older.

The Talk

"Really Zoe? Like really?" Jessica said as she took a sit in her clean, white kitchen, "haven't we talk about this before?" She was clearly mad at the teen that sat across the table from her. Zoe had long, shiny, flowing red hair that cascaded down her back, reaching her ass. She seemed detached from the world around, her blue eyes transfixed on the wall above her mother.

"I didn't mean for that to happen," Zoe protested, "It was just some fun and games, really." Her slim body was shaking with frustration.

"Just fun and games?!" Jessica asked, Zoe knew better and didn't answer, "how is ruining a classroom fun and games? I can't believe I am sheltering a vandal in my house."

"oh, come on mom!" Zoe said, "I am not a vandal, it was just an accident."

"An accident? Really?" Jessica appeared lost in thought for a moment as silence filled the room, she collected her blonde hair into a ponytail, "let's hear it, lady, tell me what happened, this better be good."

Zoe cleared her throat, "You know Joy, right?"

"Of course," Jessica answered, "the girl you stuck to the wall, hard not to know her now."

"Right," Zoe cringed in her seat, it was the wrong question to ask her mom at this point, "we were having fun mom, just innocent fun."

"Come on Zoe, you are not a child, you're 18 now, you have to start acting like an adult, you didn't have "fun", you were having intercourse with Joy!"

"Jesus mom! We didn't have sex, she only went down on me-" Zoe tried to shoot back at her mom but was cut short.

"That is oral intercourse, Zoe! Don't try to outsmart me, young lady." Jessica's face was slowly turning red with anger.

"Okay, okay," Zoe knew this type of talk will only land her a bigger punishment, "but I did listen to you mom, I didn't fuck her, I didn't want her pregnant, just like you said." She finished with a smile.

"Ohh, honey, you just don't get it, do you? With a girl like you, Joy will be pregnant just by being in the room when the time comes." Jessica explained, "It's been three years since your last incident, you were doing so well..."

"I can't help it, mom," Zoe pleaded, "things just got out of hand, you know how it is..."

"I don't actually," Jessica corrected, "I've had my turn being a teenager and I've played around with boys and girls just like you did, but I never vandalized a classroom."

"well..." Zoe lingered for a moment before reaching down below the table, "you never had this!" She exclaimed as she pulled her massive cock and dropped it on the table. A loud slam echoed back from the walls as the rod crushed against the wood and silence filled the room. This wasn't the first time Jessica saw it, Zoe rarely bothered hiding it when she was at home, Jessica made sure to keep the privacy in her home and all the windows were one-way mirrors, she wanted Zoe to feel comfortable. The penis looked to be as long as Zoe's forearm and as thick too, Jessica knew Zoe was huge, but it looked like she was still growing, the flash covered in throbbing veins.

"Zoe! Please, get dressed, this is inappropriate!" Jessica protested.

Zoe didn't move, the felling of wood against her cock was so pleasant, and the cool air moving across its delicate skin, for a moment she considered playing with it once more.

"Okay young lady, you asked for it," Jessica slammed her hand on the table, "Zoe Alibar Wilson! You are grounded!"

The words pulled Zoe out of her pleasure induced trance. She grabbed her cock and tucked it back into her pants, "No, please, mom, anything but detention." She pleaded in a desperate voice.

"No Zoe, you overdid it." Jessica said in a calm, assertive voice, "Your father is probably turning in his grave hearing what you did."

Hearing this, Zoe felt like dying there and then. Her father passed a few days before she was born. Even though she never met him, Zoe always wanted to make him proud of her. Hearing her mother's words was like getting stabbed in the heart. Tears started forming in the corners of her eyes.

"You will come back home right after school, no tricks," Jessica started defining her daughter's punishment, "you will do your homework and then you will help with house chores, and yes Zoe, that includes cleaning the toilet every now and then."

Zoe was on the verge of crying, she tried to hold her voice, "F... For how long mom?"

"I'd say two weeks are enough for you to learn your lesson." Jessica concluded, "you can go to your room now."

Zoe lifted herself from the chair and made her way back to her room. As the door closed behind her she felt a like a dam broke in her heart and she broke into tears. She took off her top and revealed her breasts, they were rather hefty and as she undid her E cup bra they sprung out and jiggled before coming to rest in an almost perfect teardrop shape. Her pink nipples puffed and sensitive.

Next, she remover her pants and released her cock. It was a monster of a thing, hanging all the way down to her knees, flaccid. It flopped around and occasionally smacked Zoe's legs.

As she walked around the room she saw something through her tear-stained eyes that made her stop in her tracks. Slowly she turned to the mirror where she noticed her reflection. She couldn't help but stare right into the eyes of the crying girl before her, she inspected her body with a merciful look, "I know it's not your fault girl, I know you were born this way, you don't deserve this punishment-" Zoe's monologue ended when her mother called her down for dinner, she dressed once more and went down to eat.

The Issue With Mrs. Totnro

The classroom was dead quiet, the kind of silence that follows an accident. All the tables and chairs tossed to the corners of the room. Zoe sat on her ass in the middle, her deep, crystal, blue eyes blinked, they were the only part of her body that wasn't covered in cum

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Notes Zoe learns to love herself.

Contains futanari and excessive cum
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